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Take Advantage Of The Power Of Drone Photography To Sell Your Property!

How Drone Photography Can Help Sell Your Property

One of the most promising areas of drone photography is in the real estate industry. When used properly, drone photography can help you sell your property – whether you’re a property owner or a real estate agent, high-quality aerial photographs can be very useful.

So, how does drone photography work and how can it help you sell your property? Read on, and find out all the details now.

How Does Drone Photography Work? Understanding The Basics

It is possible to buy a drone yourself and take photos and videos of your property. However, it can be quite expensive – and if you have no experience piloting drones, you may not get the best results. For these reasons, drone photography is usually done by a professional drone pilot, utilizing a remote-controlled “quadcopter” drone. These drones are usually quite large and expensive and may be equipped with high-quality 4K resolution cameras that are capable of taking both video and still images. The drone pilot will meet you at your property, then you’ll discuss the shots and video that you’d like to take. Then, your pilot will operate the drone to capture still images and video. Once this process is complete, they will process the video and photographs, and send them to you – usually within a few days. Then, the photos and videos are yours. You can add them to your listings, post them on social media, and more – which will help you sell your property more effectively.

The Advantages Of Drone Photography: How It Helps You Sell Your Property

So, why should you use drone photography to help sell your property? Whether you’re a property owner looking to sell your property yourself or a real estate agent, it has a number of unique benefits.

Capture video and stand out from other listings – Having an aerial video of your property can help you stand out among other, more traditional real estate listings. For example, you could capture a video of how the home looks as you come up the driveway, or provide a 360-degree video of the entire exterior of the home! Photos and videos are very important for first impressions. 84% of home buyers say professional photos are “very important” – and if you can provide aerial photos and video, this will make your listing stand out even more!

Provide a unique perspective – Drones can capture views that, in the past, were only possible with a helicopter. Obviously, hiring a helicopter photographer would have been out of your price range – but today, drones make it easier to capture unique views. Compared to taking a shot of the property with a traditional camera, drones allow for a larger diversity of shots. Using a normal camera, you’re limited to shooting from ground level. If a home is very large or tall, this can make it difficult to get the proper perspective for an attractive shot. Drones, however, can take amazing shots of your property from an unlimited number of angles. They can hover 25, 50, or even 100 feet in the air – and capture unique perspectives and photos that will help your property look its best.

Show outbuildings, landscape & other features – When you’re shooting from the ground, it may be very difficult to show unique features and outbuildings like sheds, detached garages, landscaping, gardens, and other such things that are part of the appeal of your property. It’s likely that you’ll need to have multiple photos for each feature. However, this is not true with a drone. Drones can provide a unique, overhead view that can capture the main building and any landscaping, outbuildings, or other features that add to the value of the property – and keep them all in a single shot. This may be particularly beneficial when selling a large home, or when selling a parcel of undeveloped land. ● Showcase the property’s unique location – With a drone, you don’t have to just say that a property is “minutes away from the beach,” “located lakeside” or is “located in the middle of downtown.” You can actually show these things to a potential buyer! Your drone photographer can get an overhead shot of your property that showcases nearby landmarks and unique features that set its location apart from other properties on the market. By taking an aerial photo, your drone photographer can capture these extra things which may be intangible in a traditional real estate listing – enhancing the appeal of your property, and showing its unique benefits to buyers more effectively. ● Provide useful perspectives for undeveloped land – If you are a property owner or real estate agent selling a parcel of land, you may find that it’s difficult to capture any useful pictures from ground level – after all, if the land is not developed, there will not be many interesting landmarks or other features. In contrast, shooting aerial photographs and videos with drones can help you get more useful, appealing images for your property. Not only can you capture the entire property in a single shot, but you can even add graphics and boundary markers indicating where it begins and ends, which will help potential buyers visualize the property more effectively, and enhance their interest. For all of these reasons – and quite a few more – it may be worth investing some time and money into drone photography for your property. You will be able to generate more interest, capture unique photos and videos, and sell your property more quickly.

As you can see, drone photography has a number of benefits. If you invest in aerial photos and videos from a drone, you can emphasize the unique features of your property, showcase its location, and stand out from the crowd – leading to a faster sale, and a higher asking price!

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